Toronto Calling Cards

Toronto Calling Cards in now operated by Ontario Phone Cards. You may see the full list of our prepaid calling cards at official Ontario Phone Cards site. You may also order our most popular calling directly from this web site.


Toronto Calling Cards product line

CiCi Phone Card

CiCi Calling Card
No hidded charges

Lyca Phone Card

Lyca Calling Card
PIN-Less. Rechargable.

Gold Phone Card

Gold Calling Card
No hidded charges

20/20 Calling Card

20/20 Calling Card
Some fees apply

Good Call Phone Card

Good Call Card
Some fees apply

SIFA Phone Card

Sifa Calling Card
Some fees apply


CiCi Calling Card and Gold Calling cards could be used from anywhere in Canada. For other calling cards please check card information page for the list of access numbers. Make sure that card is offering local access number for your calling area.

You may see more information about our calling cards or purchase online at Ontario Phone Cards site. We no longer offer 10% discount on CiCi Calling Card purchased at Toronto Calling Cards. Visit Ontario Phone Cards for 10% discount on CiCi and other phone cards.


Only The Best Long Distance Calling Cards in Canada

Phone Card PIN number, access numbers and instructions will be instantly sent by email.